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Property Management Services

Our Property Management Services in Orlando covers everything you will need to ensure the smooth, cost effective running of your home during your absence, A true one-stop-shop!

Orlando Rent A Villa has a dedicated team of professionals to make certain that your villa is maintained to the highest possible standard, giving you the peace of mind that is it being looked after as you would wish, presented in an excellent condition upon guests arrival and exactly as you left it when you decide to holiday there yourself.

Since many home owners are thousands of miles away, it is important to have a team that you can trust & ensure to look after your property in the correct manner. We utilize a committed in-house property care group, including: proficient landscapers, housekeeping staff, pool service, field and administrative professionals, even an inhouse interior designer to give your home the WOW factor renters are looking for today. Our owners are a assigned a property manager with a limited area, so they are always nearby to their assigned area to assist guests and owners, alike. Every staff member and contractor we use has one common objective: ensuring your home is maintained to the highest standard and keeping your home in immaculate shape for you, your family and your rental visitors.

Orlando Rent A Villa has a multi-faceted marketing program to bring in revenue for our owners. We are members of all major booking sites and have several domestic and international travel agents to supply plenty of reservations for your property. Our company knows that working in cooperation with owners for bookings is the best way to maximize income for our home owners. We charge a nominal fee for owner bookings, which allows us to cover the cost of important pre-arrival inspections and provide stellar customer service to our owner guests. Most vacation rentals are booked online, so this makes us a review driven business. We understand how important it is for us and our owners to receive great reviews, so we proactively call or message (through our digital welcome tablets) each guest on arrival, or the morning after arrival to make sure their check in was easy and they are pleased with their home. If they have any questions or experienced any problems with the home, this call allows us to solve them early on in their stay so they are able to get back to enjoying their vacation. This has proven to improve guest satisfaction, which generates better reviews.

We bring the tech! Our company brings to you the most comprehensive online owner access; you have 24/7 access to your account and calendar information. We offer security and cost saving technology to control doors, AC and pool heating, saving our owners wasteful maintenance trip charges. Guests and owners are impressed with our digital guest books, which allow specific instructions for guests staying in your house and one to one chat with our customer service team right from home.

Whether you are a private home owner who is relocating, someone with property in a resort area or an individual with several investment properties, our professional team has the skill and experience to manage your property to a very high standard. We would personally like to invite you to call, email or even stop by our local office to discuss how our team at Orlando Rent A Villa can make your vacation rental ownership the best experience ever.

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Owner Portal

We know most owners are very busy and on the go most of the day, so we bring convenient, online/mobile access for our home owners to access and view their calendar and account statements. We provide our owners 24/7 access to their calendar and account information through a private online portal. This portal is mobile responsive, so you will never be out of touch with your account.

Concierge Service

Owners and guests appreciate that we offer many concierge services to enhance the vacation home experience. Vacations are often celebrations for special occasions in life, like birthdays, anniversaries, and family reunions. We offer many varieties of celebration packages to make these vacations full of fond memories. We provide attraction tickets, baby care and BBQ rentals, special event planning, and car rentals. We have several professional companies that offer in home services, like massage, babysitting, and even a private chef for hire. Our friendly and courteous team are available prior to arrival and while guests are inhouse to assist with any special services needed for our mutual guests.


Our Homecare team includes our property managers, contractors, and maintenance team. We have carefully chosen the very best, professional staff around to keep our homes in tip-top shape for our owners and guests. We are a proactive company that believes in maintaining the home to prevent unnecessary repairs, so we have regularly scheduled maintenance on AC, refrigerators, and pool equipment to make sure they are clean and operating properly. For safety, we recertify fire extinguishers and change batteries in smoke detectors on an annual basis as required by regulations. We know that you and your home will benefit from joining our team of caring and attentive professionals.


Twice a year, a full inventory is completed to make sure the proper items are placed in the home and the home is as advertised on the web. This process includes an evaluation of furnishings, décor and linens. A report is sent to the home owner for review and approval prior to any upgrades being done.

Money Saving Technology

Technology runs seemingly everything today. Many companies have focused on bringing smart technology to our industry to improve security, maintenance costs, and guest satisfaction. Orlando Rent A Villa brings loads of technology to our home owners. We offer a monitored system that controls AC functions, Secured door access, and pool heat monitoring.

Money Saving Technology

Door Lock: Integrates with our operational software so a unique code is provided to every guest that activates just before arrival and after departure. Contractors, cleaners, employees all have unique codes, so owners always know who is in property and for how long. Owners and guests appreciate this added level of security.

Money Saving Technology

AC Thermostat: Also, integrates with our software so it knows when your home is occupied or otherwise. Unoccupied homes will have the AC automatically increased to 80 degrees, saving owners energy costs. The system, also, logs changes to the thermostat, open doors/windows, which can cause the system to malfunction. We can see these logs and communicate with guests regarding what they are doing incorrectly and save our owners many trip charges. This feature works best with sensors on doors and windows that will shut off AC, if left open.

Money Saving Technology

Pool Heat Monitor: This feature monitors the temperature of the pool and allows us the ability to turn on/off the heating remotely. This is a big money saving feature in cooler months of October through May, as there is a trip charge of $10 each way to manually turn on/off pool heating; plus, it is turned on/off first thing each morning as scheduled instead of when the technician is routed.

Money Saving Technology

Guests love technology too! We have placed digital guest books in each of our homes. These tablets are a great asset to our staff and guests. Each tablet is customized to individual properties and guide guests how to use items in that property, rather than a general information booklet that gets worn and outdated. Guests can see local area information, purchase vacation enhancements, and chat with our staff regarding the home. We have saved our home owners many maintenance trips by having the ability to have the guest send a picture or video of what may be happening in the home. Many times, we are able troubleshoot over the phone.

Money Saving Technology

Our staff uses technology to make sure that your home is inspected properly, and work orders are placed and completed in a timely manner. Each home can have a specific set of items to track, so the items provided in the home can be accounted for on each departure.

License and Tax Compliant

Our accounts team stays updated with ever-changing tax laws and local and state regulations. Upon joining our team, we will apply for these licenses on your behalf. If you already have licenses, we will transfer those under our umbrella, so they can be kept up to date. You will need to have a few different licenses to operate your business here in Central Florida. Don’t worry, our team will guide you through the application process to make sure that you are compliant with state and local regulations.

Multi Faceted Marketing

Orlando Rent A Villa is focused on achieving revenue for our owners! We invest a significant amount of our revenue back into our marketing efforts to continually improve our online presence and brand recognition. We have just launched a brand-new site design that is user friendly and mobile responsive. Over 70% of travel searches are done via mobile devices, so this is a necessary function.
Our dedicated sales and contracts team actively searches for new booking sites and travel providers to bring more, better reservations to our owners. Currently, we are advertising properties on over 30 platforms, world-wide.

Local Service

Our local office is staffed Monday through Friday from 8-5pm; Saturday from 9-5. We are open Sunday from 9-5 during periods of increased occupancy. Our office is located right in the middle of the short-term rental zone in Berry Town Center on Highway 27, between highway 192 and the I-4 interchange. Guests and owners can make use of our conference room for business services, which they find very convenient. Our customer service team is up to date on all the attractions and can provide directions and pricing information to all local attractions. Our staff is very knowledgeable about the local area restaurants and things to do.


Communication is key in a management /home owner relationship, as we are the eyes, ears and boots on the ground for our home owners. Our owners are very active in the daily operations of Orlando Rent A Villa and as vacation home owners, they have very high expectations for service and support for our vacation home owners. Our staff adheres to a very strict policy for owner communication - we respond within 24 hours, usually much faster, to all owner communications!


How do we do this? Our owners are assigned a property manager that is assigned only to a specific area, so they can focus on a small number of properties and home owners. The Property Manager performs the arrival inspection to make sure the home is clean and ready for guest arrival and is the owners’ main point of contact. Every effort is made to keep our owners informed as to what is happening in their home away from home. All employees and contractors we utilize, understand that costs need to be kept low, while delivering a stellar guest experience, so a great review can be added to your property.

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Marketing Ready For Maximum Revenue?


Visitors to Our Site by Country

USA: 30%
Canada: 28%
United Kingdom: 26%
Mexico: 4%
Other: 12%

We work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure we are using the most up-to-date technology and marketing techniques.

We make the most of our contact with our guests. By offering mobile apps and in-home advertising to market to them while here, we can increase our direct and repeat bookings. Guests are telling us how much they appreciate the ability to choose their home and the ease of booking.

Google is always changing the rules of online marketing. We don't fret because our marketing partners, both here and abroad are experts in managing the ever-changing world of web marketing. Orlando Rent A Villa strives daily to improve the visibility of its websites.

Real Owner Reviews - Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We are very impressed with the property maintenance team. On their second trip they adjusted the dishwasher between the cabinets and leveled it in its new position. It then preformed perfectly, no leaks and was considerably quieter. They did a wonderful job and we are very impressed with how quickly the problem was solved. I'm going to attribute this problem to poor workmanship on the part of the builder's construction ( your property maintenance person fixed the gas hot water heater before we even used it). Coincidentally I just got an email with an evaluation form them asking me about our experience. I hope they are ready for my comments. Again we are very happy with your services.

Thank you all for helping make our vacations worry free Henry & Beth March 24, 2017- Solterra Owners

We've been with Eagle management for 12 months now, and the difference in quality and communication from our previous management company is incredible! We've just returned to our home for the first time since joining Eagle. It's a pleasure to see how clean and well maintained the property is. The staff, without exception are really helpful. When you are in the UK you need people over in the States who are reliable and trustworthy when dealing with your affairs, bills, any problems that arise. We have found our team at Eagle Property Management Orlando.

First class - Jonty in West Haven

True customer service at a fair price and delivered by people who actually care. Eagle Property Management Orlando / Orlando Rent A Villa do all three flawlessly. They treat my guests as if they were the Home Owners. They treat my property as if it were theirs. Nothing is too much trouble. We can call in special instructions for guests from time to time and we know it will be done. One text and it's done. Despite being 2500 miles away and a 5-hour time difference, we never lose sleep that our property and that our guests are taken care of. Costs are very reasonable when you factor in all the "above and beyond" things they do. Little things like advice on the parks, ticketing, discount coupons, places to see and visit, stopping by to chat and see if you're satisfied, checking in on you, what are the changes to facilities that we provide that would make things better, updates on what owners and guests really enjoy etc. This is how Vacation Property ownership should be.

Gibbons Family, owners in West Haven since 2005

Following our last visit, I am writing to thank you and your team for the excellent service you are all providing. Over the three years or so since you first helped me to buy the property every visit we make provides comfort that we made the right decision in appointing you to manage the rentals and maintenance. The villa always looks like new, any maintenance issues are dealt with promptly and although we live 4,500 miles away from what for us represents a fairly large investment we are confident that our investment is in safe hands.

Regards, Mark -Owner in Solana since 2010

We have been with Eagle Management since 2005 and we are very happy with the way they look after our holiday home. Everything is taken care of quickly and efficiently. We live in the UK and its comforting to know that we can trust the company and the people who take care of our holiday home. If there is a problem, they will sort it out in the most efficient and economical way for the owner. They also supply a lot of extra services for the guests that a lot of management companies don't. This is our 11th year with them and we have no plans to change to any other management company. Eagle Property Management is a very reputable company and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a reliable management company to look after their holiday home.

Wilcox Family

We joined Lloyd and his Eagle Property team in 2009, after several years of sloppy and expensive service from another management company. The difference in service was obvious from our initial meeting with their team; they knew the business well and understood our requirements. When we moved to them, they personally coordinated many of the villa improvements we wanted to get completed; with us being based in England, this would have been impossible with our old management company.

Eagle's care for our home has been exceptionally good and they keep us well informed. They go the extra mile to get things done and do not add on lots of additional charges for doing so. They always promptly respond to our emails and have been very helpful in assisting with all of our enquiries. We recently completed a garden project and solar installation that would have been impossible without the help and oversight of our Eagle team. I would recommend their service to any villa owner looking for a reliable and stable company to care for their vacation home.

Graeme Owner in West Stonebridge