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    Orlando Rent A Villa provides property management for home owners and specializes in vacation rental lettings. We have a dedicated team of professionals to make certain that your vacation home is maintained to the highest possible standard, giving you the peace of mind that is it being looked after as you would wish, presented in an excellent condition upon guests arrival and exactly as you left it when you decide to holiday there yourself.

    Since many home owners are thousands of miles away, it is important to have a team that you can trust & ensure to look after your property in the correct manner. We utilize a committed in-house property care group, including: proficient landscapers, housekeeping staff, pool service, field and administrative professionals, even an inhouse interior designer to give your home the WOW factor renters are looking for today. Our owners are a assigned a property manager with a limited area, so they are always nearby to their assigned area to assist guests and owners, alike. Every staff member and contractor we use has one common objective: ensuring your home is maintained to the highest standard and keeping your home in immaculate shape for you, your family and your rental visitors.

    Orlando Rent A Villa has a multi-faceted marketing program to bring in revenue for our owners. We are members of all major booking sites and have several domestic and international travel agents to supply plenty of reservations for your property. Our company knows that working in cooperation with owners for bookings is the best way to maximize income for our home owners. We charge a nominal fee for owner bookings, which allows us to cover the cost of important pre-arrival inspections and provide stellar customer service to our owner guests. Most vacation rentals are booked online, so this makes us a review driven business. We understand how important it is for us and our owners to receive great reviews, so we proactively call or message (through our digital welcome tablets) each guest on arrival, or the morning after arrival to make sure their check in was easy and they are pleased with their home. If they have any questions or experienced any problems with the home, this call allows us to solve them early on in their stay so they are able to get back to enjoying their vacation. This has proven to improve guest satisfaction, which generates better reviews.

    Money Saving Technology
    Money Saving Technology6

    We bring the tech! Our company brings to you the most comprehensive online owner access; you have 24/7 access to your account and calendar information. We offer security and cost saving technology to control doors, AC and pool heating, saving our owners wasteful maintenance trip charges. Guests and owners are impressed with our digital guest books, which allow specific instructions for guests staying in your house and one to one chat with our customer service team right from home.

    Whether you are a private home owner who is relocating, someone with property in a resort area or an individual with several investment properties, our professional team has the skill and experience to manage your property to a very high standard. We would personally like to invite you to call, email or even stop by our local office to discuss how our team at Orlando Rent A Villa can make your vacation rental ownership the best experience ever.

    Property Services That Matter

    Money Saving Technology5

    24/7 online access to your calendars and booking information.

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    Concierge Service

    We can assist with any special services needs for your guests.

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    Professional staff to keep your homes in tip-top shape.

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    Money Saving Technology3

    We have many technologies in place to save you money.

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    License and Tax Compliant

    Our team stays up to date with current and state regulations.

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    Multi Faceted Marketing

    We reinvest our revenue back into our marketing.

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    Local Service

    Our offices are located in the centre of the short-term rental zone.

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    We respond quickly for any owner communications.

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    We know most owners are very busy and on the go most of the day, so we bring convenient, online/mobile access for our home owners to access and view their calendar and account statements. We provide our owners 24/7 access to their calendar and account information through a private online portal. This portal is mobile responsive, so you will never be out of touch with your account.


    Owners and guests appreciate that we offer many concierge services to enhance the vacation home experience. Vacations are often celebrations for special occasions in life, like birthdays, anniversaries, and family reunions. We offer many varieties of celebration packages to make these vacations full of fond memories. Our friendly and courteous team are available prior to arrival and while guests are inhouse to assist with any special services needed for our mutual guests.


    Orlando Rent A Villa is focused on achieving revenue for our owners! We invest a significant amount of our revenue back into our marketing efforts to continually improve our online presence and brand recognition. Our dedicated sales and contracts team actively searches for new booking sites and travel providers to bring more, better reservations to our owners. Currently, we are advertising properties on over 30 platforms, world-wide.

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