FAQ Property Management

Switching to a new property manager can be a nerve-wracking decision to make from far away.  Eagle Management makes this a breeze for you!  You have one dedicated staff member to help make this as painless as possible.  Here are a few common questions owners have when they are considering making a change in their vacation home management team.

  1. What are your contract terms?
    A:  Our contract terms are open termed with a written 30-day notice of termination.  There may be a penalty assessed for cancelled bookings that are due to arrive after the termination date.  Every effort is made to avoid fees, but if a guest refuses an alternative property, a fee will apply.
  2. What are your communication standards for owners?
    A: You will find our team very responsive. Our company policy is to respond to all owner requests within a 24-hour period. Most times, owners receive an immediate response, even if simply to let the owner know they have been heard and will have an answer after research. 
  3. How do you set rates for my home?
    A: Rates are set based on a home’s décor, location, and amenities.  Eagle Management utilizes dynamic pricing software which features yielding tools that measure occupancy and rates across our local competitors.  Our reservations team also does comparative searches on various online sites to be sure their findings measure up against our practices.
  4. Do you file for the proper licensing for my home?
    A: Yes.  Our accounts team will file for the appropriate licensing.  There are 2 requirements for licensing:  state and local.  These are annually renewed, and Eagle Management offers owners to add their license under our collective license to save unnecessary fees.
  5. What is the average occupancy I can expect for my home?
    A: Occupancy will be based on the marketability of your vacation home. A vacation home in Central Florida has much competition so guests have a wide range of homes to choose from.  A vacation home that has modern touches in the common areas, plush master suites, and themed children’s rooms with a games room or movie room are the top choices for guests.  Complete the contact form with the details of your property for a free rental assessment of your home.
  6. My home needs updating to meet guest expectations.  Can you assist?
    A: Absolutely!  We have some of the best designers on hand to assist with any budget.  Upgrades can be done all at once or can be set up in stages.  Our team is here to make sure our owners are successful and get the investment returns they deserve.
  7. What happens if a guest does damage to my property?
    A: Thankfully, guest damage has not been a widespread or common problem.  Every guest pays either a property damage waiver or a security deposit, depending upon the booking platform.  Guest damages are covered by Eagle Management in the event the damage is not due to normal wear and tear.  A guest will not be held for full replacement value unless the item is a recent purchase and the receipt can be presented.  A monetary offer is provided as a credit towards replacement on items that are older.  Every effort is made to validate guests previous travel rating to make sure that risk is diminished for owners.
  8. How do you clean the linens in the home?
    A: Linens are washed in the home by the home cleaners.  Should there many any stained items, they are reported and replaced upon next inspection.  Guests are not charged for linens unless the damage is obviously egregious. The requirement is 2 sheet sets per bed with a mattress pad and zippered pillow protectors. A minimum of 2 towels per person in occupancy.  Hand towels and washcloths are replenished by Eagle Management.
  9. Can I send you the pictures I have for my home?
    A: Eagle Management will only allow photos that are taken by our photographer.  They do a fantastic job showing off a home in a manner that works.  Our reputation is just as much on the line as our owners so our website must not contain any subpar images.  Full photo shoots are between $105-$150, so there is no reason to skimp on quality.  If a home later receives updates to a few rooms, a re-shoot can be arranged for only $50.
  10. I want to provide my own bookings; do I have full control of my calendar?
    A: Yes, you can do your own bookings; however, all bookings must be placed in our master calendar because our software organizes all communication between staff and contractors.  This ensures that everyone knows the expected tasks.
  11. Can I use my own contractors for pool service, lawn, etc.?
    A: Eagle Management has built strong relationships with dependable contractors for lawn, pest control and weekly pool service.  Having the same contractor perform our services means that our staff can solve any problem much quicker – they know just who to call. 
  12. Is my home required to have pool heating?
    A: If your home has a pool, a working pool heater is necessary.  This is a basic expectation for a guest.  A Potential guest may not choose to have the pool heated at the time of booking, but if they did want to add it upon arrival, they would not be satisfied and ask for compensation.
  13. What type of insurance do I need?
    A: Insurance for any short-term rental unit must have a minimum of $500,000 general liability, properties that have a private swimming pool it is highly recommended to increase liability to $1M due to the obvious risks. Our associates work with a couple of insurance brokers who we work closely with, regularly updating us on changes in the requirements. It is very important to use an insurance brokerage that fully understand the property and realizes the property is used a short-term vacation home to ensure full compliance.
  14. Can I book my home with back-to-back (same day) reservations?
    A: Eagle Management strongly suggests that back-to-back reservations are avoided.  This came to pass due to Covid-19, but it has proven to be a better experience for the guest and management company.  The 24-hour gap allows our staff and contractors to bring the home to much higher level of cleanliness and repair to continue to exceed guest expectations.
  15. What happens if I get a last-minute booking for my home?
    A: Let us know!  We have staff in the office and field 7 days a week and can get your home prepared quickly.  If you take a reservation and the home cannot be inspected, let your guest know that our customer service team will be there to bring any guest issue back around.
  16. What is the clean fee for my home?
    A: The clean fee is based on what a home contains, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and guest usable space.  The great news is that fee is paid by the guests and does not come from your revenue unless it your stay or your guests.
  17. How do I get paid?
    A: Owners are paid each month when there is a balance more than the minimum balance requirement and have several options for payments. Wire transfer is the easiest and fastest delivery method. A check can be mailed, or your funds can accrue in the account.  These are owner funds and available to the owner as needed.  Account statements are processed monthly and closed by the 15th of each month. Please note that payments are made based on checkout, so if a reservation checks out after the last day of the month, the payment will be added to the owners account for that month.
  18. What happens if I sell my property?
    A: From time to time this becomes necessary or the right thing to do.  It is wise to communicate with your property manager as you are involved in making the decision.  They will be able to provide you with guidance on any bookings in place already.  If there any long bookings or several within a few weeks, its best to not list the property until there is a bigger gap in bookings to allow for showings.  It is a good idea for your property manager to understand your plans for your vacation home, so they can prevent future bookings and limit your liability of cancelled bookings.  If you do not have a Realtor®, our office has Lloyd and Rebecca to assist you in the sale of your home.
  19. Do I have to accept pets?
    A: You do not have to allow as an elective amenity, but you MUST accept service dogs.  The ADA protects service dog owners, and we are very limited with what we can ask for verification.  If you as a homeowner travel with your pet when you visit, you should consider allowing pets.  There are many people now travelling with their pets and could-be good renters.  They are charged a pet fee to allow for additional cleaning and most pet owners that require their pet on vacation are responsible pet owners and leave no damages behind. See this link : Service Animals
  20. I have CCTV cameras or other video capture at my house.  Is that allowed?
    A: Yes, it is allowed.  There are restrictions that you must adhere to or you could be subject to a lawsuit.  There can be no cameras inside the home or facing the pool area (or neighboring pools) There can be no audio recorded from any video source.  This is a violation of guest’s privacy.  You may monitor decibel levels only.