Switching Property Management Companies

There is no reason you should ever be thinking “What on earth is my property manager doing?” Chances are, if you have found yourself wondering about any aspect of your management, you are seriously unhappy. You wouldn’t be looking for a new property management company unless things have become really bad. We have found that the majority of homeowners that turn to Orlando Rent A Villa do so because they were treated dreadfully by a previous management company.

There are many property companies out there claiming to be the best at what they do. Sadly, the reality is that they have only been trading a matter of a few years, or in some cases, months. To be really effective at managing rentals in Orlando, many years of established trading, knowledge of the industry and proven trust of home owners tells the real story.

If you find you have encountered:-

  • Payments getting to you late, or not at all
  • Tenants having to be evicted due to non-payment of rent
  • Multiple charges for the same repairs or repairs you knew nothing about
  • Management company adding extra charges for each repair
  • Management company not acting on notified repairs and tenants are contacting you to complain
  • You have no idea where your money is going
  • Your property manager does not send receipts or statements
  • The rental on your property does not compare to similar houses
  • Your property management company does not answer phone or respond to emails

None of the above should be a concern if your management company is treating you fairly, looking after your home as though it was their own and managing their business in a reputable and trustworthy manner.

How Easy To Switch Property Management


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