Owners that sign on with Eagle Management can stay informed with just a click. Each owner has their own portal within our software so you can keep an eye on your calendar, book reservations, check upcoming bookings, and view monthly statements. Owners have a nice communication area within the portal to send messages to Eagle Management, review gallery and description, store receipts and photos of new items and more.

Below is an overview of Eagle Management’s owner portal screens and options.

  1. Each owner is given a unique log in to have 24/7 access to their online account.

    Property Owners Portal

  2. Once you enter your owner area you will see all the options you have to keep informed and up to date with your villa.

Property Owners Portal Admin

  • Latest News – This is an area where Eagle Management will post relevant updates. You can search all news releases until they are archived.  It is a great source to stay updated with software changes and new information that is important.
  • Maintenance – Owners can input their own work orders. This is used primarily by vacation homeowners that provide their own reservations.  These work orders do not go into the active queue so it is a good idea to send an email to our homecare team to be sure the request is validated.
  • Reservations – Eagle Management vacation homeowners can cooperate with our reservations team to keep their calendars as full as possible. Owners can search their existing reservations to know the source of the booking.  There is also a full calendar feature so the full year can be viewed at once so owners can see how well their home is booked.  Please note that to make sure all homes are cleaned properly and well maintained; Eagle Management does not promote same day turnovers.  This is to make sure that our mutual guests have the highest level of satisfaction and do not experience any lingering issues from previous guests.  This is a feature that we can override based on necessity, but Eagle makes every effort to keep staff, contractors, and guests safe. Booking a reservation from the owner portal is very easy.
    • Owner stays – If it is the owner or immediate family, OWNER BLOCK is chosen. The owner’s information will auto populate.  If there are special requests for pool heating or early check in, a note can be left in the RESERVATIONS COMMENTS section of the form.  This helps our team make sure owner needs are met.
    • Owner guests – For these bookings, owners will choose the NON-PAYING GUEST (NPG). This means that the guest is paying the owner for the booking directly.  Eagle Management will make sure that the taxes are paid for these reservations when owners notify of the amount taken in.  This should be placed in the RESERVATIONS COMMENTS section of the form.
    • Enter GUEST information and the email address you want all information to be delivered. Please include any information necessary to make the guests’ stay is as promised.

Property Owner Tools


  • Owner Tools – This area allows owners to keep information nice and tidy.
    • Management News – latest news
    • Owner Detail – owners can keep their contact information updated and make suggested changes to the description. All descriptions will be subject to review and approval.
    • Photo Gallery – Owners can review the photo gallery of their property and make suggestions. No photo will be approved that is not of HIGH RESOLUTION.  Adding subpar photos will only diminish the property listing.  The best solution is to work with Eagle Management team to get a professional photographer to take the additional shots required so there is continuity in the listing.
    • Guest Feedback – This area allows owners to see what guests are saying about their property. Successful vacation homeowners will pay attention to guest comments to make sure that guest needs are being met and exceeded.
    • Attachments – This area is where past owner statements can be downloaded.
    • Contact Management – Provides owners the ability to send through a message via the software. This will alert all staff.  This is a handy way to ask questions or get information to the property manager when the issue is not requiring an immediate response. Email or a call is best to notify of any pressing matter.
    • Asset Management – Owners can keep track of purchases dealing with their vacation home by adding the receipt, photo, and description of the new item. This helps many owners with expense tracking.
  • Reports – The report section allows owners to pull reports of activity, see maintenance inspection reports, monthly statement, and end of year tax reports.


Eagle Management has made every effort to provide owners with real time access to information regarding their home; it is vital to building a trusting and long-lasting business relationship.