Ready to join Eagle Management? That is great news, and we know you will be impressed by our team’s service.  As a new owner, you will have Rebecca as your main contact to ensure that your joining of our company is a smooth and easy process.  She will be available to answer all your questions regarding any aspect of your home and make sure that you understand vacation home ownership and subsequent operation.  Once you feel confident with your decision and ready to sign on with us, it will take about a week to get your home active for bookings, even future bookings if the home is not quite ready.  Below is a guide for the onboarding process.

  1. Owner File – this file will include all items necessary for us to manage your home successfully.
    1. Management Agreement gives us the legal right to manage your home and provide our services.
    2. Schedule of Charges delineates certain charges and costs associated with property management. You will most likely see charges that aren’t required for your property, but we list all charges and whatever a property doesn’t need doesn’t get billed.
    3. W9 -W8ECI are tax forms that provides us with your SSN or ITIN
    4. Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) allows us to intervene in the instance where there is a bill payment missed or the need for us to assist owners handle certain issues like insurance claims, for instance.
    5. ID is necessary for validation of the LPOA. This can be a driver’s license for US citizens or a passport for foreign owners.  Please note that when identification expires, we will need an updated photo to support our LPOA.
    6. Declaration page of your insurance policy. Please note the required minimums in the ‘Management Agreement’.
    7. Account information is needed for all utility, alarm, or any other services pertaining to the home. Owners pay their own bills associated with their vacation home, but we require those account numbers in case there is an issue with service for guests.
    8. Bank account information is necessary for us to be able to deposit your excess funds. This can be done monthly or transferred as needed.
    9. Escrow deposit of $500 as your minimum account balance and include any start up installations required such a smart tech and photography.
  2. Set up add on services is the next step. Where applicable, we notify our service contractors for pool service, lawn care and pest control to be sure that your home is added to their schedules.  Many communities include lawn care in the HOA payment, so these would not be included in our add on services. You will also notice we have waived the set-up fee for all new owners coming on board.
  3. Build online property profile – There are many areas of information that are needed to get your home live across marketing sites.
    1. Personal visit is needed to assess the home to be sure it is basically compliant with regulations and up to guest standards.
    2. Photos are imperative to a successful listing. We have negotiated great pricing for this, and the range is from $105-$150 for photos and video/drone packages from $295-$355.  This is VITAL in today’s online marketing.  Owners receive their link to photos and own them.
    3. Rates are set based on the home’s size and amenities offered to guests.
    4. Add appropriate taxes and fees based on the home size and county location.
  4. Description of your home is necessary to let guests know what your home has to offer. Our team builds an enticing description of your home to generate guest excitement.  This is an area where owner input can be especially helpful.  From choosing a name to describing each room, homeowner collaboration is a win.
  5. Distribution channels are populated with the details of your home and each room defined so your home is marketed with its actual contents and amenities.
  6. Finally, your home is pushed live across all marketing sites! This is when the magic happens.  Your home is now marketed world-wide.  There is a 20% off special added to entice your first 3 guests to stay and provide a review to launch your home’s online reputation.

Rebecca will remain your point of contact until you are fully acclimated to your role as a vacation homeowner, but you will have the support of our entire team from day 1.  There is never a lack of support for you!  Welcome Aboard!