Technology runs seemingly everything today. Many companies have focused on bringing smart technology to our industry to improve security, maintenance costs, and guest satisfaction. Orlando Rent A Villa brings loads of technology to our home owners. We offer a monitored system that controls AC functions, Secured door access, and pool heat monitoring.

Door Lock: Integrates with our operational software so a unique code is provided to every guest that activates just before arrival and after departure. Contractors, cleaners, employees all have unique codes, so owners always know who is in property and for how long. Owners and guests appreciate this added level of security.

AC Thermostat: Also, integrates with our software so it knows when your home is occupied or otherwise. Unoccupied homes will have the AC automatically increased to 80 degrees, saving owners energy costs. The system, also, logs changes to the thermostat, open doors/windows, which can cause the system to malfunction. We can see these logs and communicate with guests regarding what they are doing incorrectly and save our owners many trip charges. This feature works best with sensors on doors and windows that will shut off AC, if left open.

Pool Heat Monitor: This feature monitors the temperature of the pool and allows us the ability to turn on/off the heating remotely. This is a big money saving feature in cooler months of October through May, as there is a trip charge of $10 each way to manually turn on/off pool heating; plus, it is turned on/off first thing each morning as scheduled instead of when the technician is routed.

Guests love technology too! We have placed digital guest books in each of our homes. These tablets are a great asset to our staff and guests. Each tablet is customized to individual properties and guide guests how to use items in that property, rather than a general information booklet that gets worn and outdated. Guests can see local area information, purchase vacation enhancements, and chat with our staff regarding the home. We have saved our home owners many maintenance trips by having the ability to have the guest send a picture or video of what may be happening in the home. Many times, we are able troubleshoot over the phone.

Our staff uses technology to make sure that your home is inspected properly, and work orders are placed and completed in a timely manner. Each home can have a specific set of items to track, so the items provided in the home can be accounted for on each departure.

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Money Saving Technology2