Technology runs seemingly everything today. Many companies have focused on bringing smart technology to our industry to improve security, maintenance costs, and guest satisfaction. Eagle Managment brings loads of technology to our homeowners. We offer a monitored system that controls AC functions, secure door access, and pool heat monitoring to ease owners concerns in these areas.

Electronic door locks

Door Lock

The door lock integrates with our operations software, so a unique code is provided to every guest that activates just before arrival and after departure. Contractors, cleaners, Eagle Management employees all have unique codes, so owners always know who is in property and for how long. Owners and guests appreciate the added level of security compared to the older lockboxes with keys and static 4-digit door codes.

Remote ac thermostat

AC Thermostat

The AC thermostat integrates with our software, so it knows when your home is occupied or otherwise. Unoccupied homes will have the AC automatically increased to 80 degrees, saving owners energy costs. The system, also, logs changes to the thermostat, open doors/windows, which can cause the system to malfunction. We can see these logs and communicate with guests regarding what they are doing incorrectly and save our owners many trip charges. This feature works best with sensors on doors and windows that will shut off AC, if left open.

Pool Heater Controller

Pool Heat Monitor

The pool heat module monitors the temperature of the pool and allows us the ability to turn on/off the heating remotely. This improves the ability of the property manager to act quickly when pool heats are requested close to arrival time or during guest stays. This feature minimizes owner costs by reducing the time the energy is being used for pool heating. Eagle Management staff turn pool heats off at 9am, rather than when a team member can get over to a property and turn off there. Adding this will eliminate the trip charge for pool heating turn on/off on location, which is $10 per trip.

Guest Apps for phones

Guest App

Guests love technology too! We have a guest app that allows guests to see their reservation information all in one place. They can look at their check in details and share with their guests. The app is loaded with local area information, purchase vacation enhancements. Here is a link where you can see how the app makes it easy for our guests to manage their reservation information.

Property Care App

Property Care App

Eagle Management staff use a mobile app to report on the cleanliness, appliances and TVS are working properly, and noting any that needs additional attention. They supply photos as backup for their report so our office support teams can easily process those reports to quickly resolve any issues prior to guest arrival. A great feature of our app is that inspection questions can be specific to each vacation home, so owners do not have to worry if they have uncommon items in inventory, they will be accounted for on the inspection report.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar Energy is becoming more widely available and affordable to have installed in your vacation home. This is a great way to keep your costs down for the lifetime of your vacation home ownership. Eagle Management has a growing number of homeowners that are converting their homes to solar energy and they are enjoying much higher profits and are minimizing their footprint on the environment. For those with a SSN, there are significant tax savings in addition to the energy savings you will see moving forward. Lloyd would be happy to discuss the best options for your home.