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Sharing a communal pool isn’t to everyone’s liking and we’ve all been to hotels where the water is less than pleasant looking so, renting a villa with its own private pool ensures you have crystal clear water that is clean and only has you and your family swimming in it. The pools are cleaned weekly, all levels checked and balanced and you have the option of heating it, so it is the perfect temperature for your family’s comfort. All pool homes in Florida have one of two safety features to ensure your children’s safety, either an alarm on all doors exiting to the pool, which sound the moment a door is opened, or a safety fence erected around the pool to ensure children do not fall in. You have the peace of mind knowing your children have a safe, clean environment to enjoy while you savour warm, sunny evenings relaxing in the sun, enjoy a bite to eat while the kids play and all without having to travel anywhere. Not only that, there is plenty of room inside the villa to spread out and relax without worrying about the maid banging on the door disturbing you and no one making a noise outside your hotel room late at night.

Of course, renting your own villa means no maid service, no on-site restaurants, no elevators and no concierge and not all are disabled accessible. You are responsible for the upkeep of the home you are staying in until you depart – unless you decide to hire your own housekeeping – your towels will be the same ones you use, or extras, unless you wash them and you will have to eat out or cook food for your family. But this is all offset by the space, freedom and relaxation a private villa offers plus there is no queueing for the pool table, wondering if the kids will ever get a turn in the arcade, groaning because the only vaguely healthy option on the kids’ menu is chicken tenders, or sighing because the bar isn’t airing your favourite team’s game. With a private villa you choose what you want, when you want it.

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