If you are travelling to Florida on a budget, we can help.  Not everyone can afford luxury accommodation.  Plus, not everyone has a huge family that requires a large house with multiple bedrooms.  There are a variety of ways to visit Florida without breaking the bank, leaving more money to experience the wonders of Walt Disney World®.

Apartments in Florida

Renting an apartment is a great way to visit Florida on a budget.  You can still experience the world class attractions, shops and restaurants, without having to spend a fortune on accommodation.  Apartments can vary in size from 1 bedroom right up to 10.  Firstly, they are self-contained units, usually within a community and secondly, there are usually some great amenities on-site.  Many families do not want a private pool, safety being the primary concern, but the option of a community pool gives children the opportunity to meet new friends.  Often an apartment within a small community will have a communal pool, hot tub, games room, tennis court or a beach volleyball court and sometimes a restaurant or café.


Townhomes are another money saving way to visit Florida on a budget, yet still have access to great amenities.  Usually located on a gated community, or resort, townhomes are a selection of houses that are attached, side by side.  It is normal for a townhome not to have it’s own private pool, although there are some that provide small, splash type pools.  Within a townhome resort there is usually a restaurant and bar, communal pool, hot tub, games room, tennis courts and sometimes a gaming arcade.

Rental Villa

For one family, not travelling with anyone else, a smaller rental villa can be a great value choice.  All rental villas come with their own private pool and offer at least three bedrooms.  Many homes have converted their garage into a games room, which offers even more fun at your fingertips.  Obviously, the larger the rental villa, the higher the price tag per night.  Hence, a 3-bedroom property, even if not on a resort, can be a great option to choose in order to save money.

Whatever it is you are looking for, we have a wide selection of great value homes to suit all budgets. Give our Reservations Team a call, or drop them an email, in order to book your family’s next Florida vacation.