We would like to introduce you to Lloyd Hart, Chief Executive Officer of Orlando Rent A Villa.  In this short video, Lloyd talks about his decision to move to Florida with his family.  The inception of Eagle Management, the trials and tribulations of the first two years.  Bringing on staff, expanding the business and where we are today.

Moving to Florida

Moving a young family to a different country is difficult decision for anyone.  Couple that with setting up a brand-new business, in an entirely new industry in a new country and you could imagine failure?  Not with Lloyd at the helm.

When Eagle Management, our property management division, first launched, we had 13 villas on offer.  Over the years our portfolio has expanded to over 170 condos, town-homes and family villas.  We are very proud of our Orlando Rent A Villa brand, our dedicated staff and our reputation within the vacation rental industry.  From property management to real-estate sales and making the dreams of families visiting the Walt Disney World® area a reality, Eagle Management and Orlando Rent A Villa has you covered.