For Villa Owners

Hurricane Season in Orlando 2022 will be here before we know it, so now is the time to ensure any last minute maintenance is taken care of.  Whether it is loose/missing roof tiles, loose soffits, palm trees that require trimming or simply bringing in trash containers and patio furniture, everything needs to be battened down tight ahead of a storm.  Orlando Rent A Villa will take care of pre-hurricane requirements and ensure that your vacation villa is as safe as possible.

For Guests

Guests that vacation regularly in Orlando, Florida know that, being a tropical climate, hurricanes are an irksome certainty.  However, with preparation, they do not need to be cause for panic.  Being located in Central Florida means that the majority of storms that come through have lost the full force of their ferocity by the time they get here, therefore damage is unlikely or usually slight.

This does not mean that nothing needs to be done ahead of a storm!  Preparation is key.  Even the mildest of storms can knock out power or water, sometimes for hours, so purchasing a few storm essentials will give peace of mind.

  1. Establish a safe zone within the villa.  It should be a room with no windows, or a room with no exterior wall.  Place emergency supplies in this room.
  2. Get a flashlight and spare batteries.  If a storm happens at night and the power does go out, there will be no warning and you will be plunged into instant darkness.  Having a flashlight and knowing exactly where it is, will save stubbed toes and fear in little kids.  Also purchase candles and matches.
  3. Ensure cell phones are fully charged and have an extra fully charged power pack if possible.
  4. A wind-up radio is always handy to keep an ear out for weather reports and play music.
  5. Ensure car has a full tank of gas.
  6. Purchase/refill propane gas canisters so cooking on a BBQ is an option.
  7. Cell phones will last a while if used wisely.  Remember, if the electricity goes out, there will be no internet.  However, having a board game or cards that can be played by flashlight or candle light will help keep kids amused.
  8. Buy in gallon bottles of water in case of water cut off.  Ensure all medications are in a water tight container and in a safe place.  If you have an infant be sure to buy in bottled water that does not require boiling, sufficient diapers, wipes, food, formula etc.  Same with pets.  Ensure you have food and pet bowls in safe location.
  9. Purchase non-perishable foods and canned goods, enough for a day or so.
  10. Bring in all plastic patio furniture and plant pots.
  11. Where possible, park cars in the garage.  (Do not do this if garage is used as a games room).
  12. Fill bath tub with water.  Can be boiled for drinking water or used to flush toilets.
  13. Once storm has arrived, stay away from windows and do not go outside.
  14. In the event of a mandatory evacuation notice, pack only essentials ie, food, water, medication, kids, pets etc. Follow evacuation route signs to a designated shelter.


Your Orlando Rent A Villa team will be on hand to help out in any way we can and to ensure each rental villa is made as safe as possible in the unlikely event that a serious storm threatens.