There are only 42 days until Christmas and I bet, like most people, you are struggling to think of that perfect gift.  Something they don’t have!  Something that will please everyone.  How about vacationing in a private rental villa in sunny Florida?

With the pandemic still wreaking havoc all over the world, travelers are wary of visiting anywhere that is frequented by the public.  This is what makes a private rental villa the safe option.  After each guest has departed, and our cleaning team have been in, our inspectors ensure all touchable surfaces are wiped down and sanitized to ensure our guests’ safety.  Not only that but we provide sanitizer, wipes and soap so you and your family can help keep the villa clean and safe during your stay.

Foot traffic is far lower in a rental villa.  In fact, once our inspectors leave, you and your family will be the next people to enter.  You can have the peace of mind of not having to mingle with others in a crowded, multi-surface reception area.  No elevators with buttons others have touched.  No doors to push open that others may have just closed.  Once you leave the airport and enter your rental vehicle, there is no further need to wear a face mask.  You and your family can relax and breathe in the comfort of a clean and safe home.  Not only that, no one else but you will be swimming in the crystal clear pool.

Take a look at our amazing and varied selection of homes and book the rental villa that is perfect for you.