We are now, hopefully, through the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Bookings are coming in and people are returning to Florida.  However, this is no time to to relax procedures.  We, at Orlando Rent A Villa, continue to take cleanliness and sanitisation very seriously to protect our guests, owners and staff.

The CDC and the VRMA (Vacation Rental Managers Association) have strict procedures and industry standards in place that we are adhering to.


Cleaning Standards and Villa Housekeeping

Our team has received addditional, specialised training and our current cleaning routines have been upgraded to maximise safety, as laid down by the CDC.
We are endeavouring to keep a 3 day vacant period between rentals to maximise safety and cleaners have allocated extra time, for the sanitisation procedures required.
Our cleaning staff wear gloves and masks upon entering the rental villas. This is for their protection and yours.

All surfaces are disinfected, with close attention paid to high-touch areas including (but not limited to); lock boxes, key pads, all door knobs/handles, banisters and rails, light switches, telephones, remote controls, chair arms, refrigerator handles, kettle switches/coffee maker controls, patio door handles, toilets/flushes, faucets and shower controls, hangers, wardrobe and drawer knobs, welcome tablets, pool cues/other gaming equipment, game console controls and cases.

All villas are being provided with bar soap for each bathroom, to ensure guests can maintain hand cleanliness.  We are also providing disinfectant and cloths so surfaces/handles can be wiped down during a guest’s stay.

Further Safety Measures

We have introduced remote check-in to minimise contact for guests. Where possible, guests arrive at their vacation rental at least 24 hours after cleaning and inspection by our team.
If there is a problem with the home, our customer service team will attempt to resolve the issue by phone before we have to send a team member to the home.
When a maintenance team member must visit a villa gloves, mask and shoe covers will be worn and staff will maintain a six foot distance from guests.