I’m sure that the majority of us will be happy to see the back of 2020 and hopeful for a Happy New Year.  Definitely been a difficult year for all our owners, guests and staff.

However, despite the hardships of the year, bookings are looking good and the rental industry continues to be the preferred choice of travelers to Florida.  Hotels have seen a decline in bookings and some are even up for sale.  Guests feel safer in a single home that has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, safe in the knowledge that it is only themselves and their family there.

Florida continues to see guests arriving and enjoying all that Orlando has to offer.  The parks have done an amazing job of adjusting to the ever changing requirements for Covid-19 and new touchless/drive-thru attractions have opened up.  Businesses have learned to adapt to the “new norm”.


All of us here at Eagle Management and Orlando Rent A Villa look forward to welcoming our owners back, meeting new visitors to the Orlando area and saying hello to return guests.  We hope that 2021 is a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year for all.

Best wishes from The Team