Netflix have just released their latest movie, Yes Day!  (Click the link for a sneak peek) We thought it would be interesting to put together our own selection of fun things to do in the Disney area.  Let’s face it, even the word Disney conjures up magic, fun and family.

Say Yes to the Kids For 24 Hours

Could you do it?  They call the shots for a whole 24 hours!  You parents have to do everything they say for a whole day.  Just like in the movie, whether it’s pancakes for dinner or water balloon wars, their choice rules.

Image of helicopter ride over Epcot

Day Stays Can be Exhilarating 

Walt Disney World®, Orlando has oodles of fun stuff to do.  Stuff you didn’t even know was here.  Plus there are plenty of awesome fun filled, fantastic rental villas your kids are sure to love.


Image of woman swimming with a manatee

Day Stays Can Be Cute

Get up close and friendly with the amazing wildlife of Florida.  The Manatee is possibly the most curious of Florida’s flora and fauna.  Gentle, yet huge.  Sea going, yet it’s closest relative is the Elephant!



  • Fly in a helicopter
  • Go sky diving indoors (or outdoors!)
  • Break free from an escape room
  • Make your own light saber
  • Feel the force of a hurricane
  • Take a flight to the moon
  • Swim with manatees
  • Swim with a dolphin
  • Go axe throwing
  • Eat pizza in a hot tub
  • Build a sandcastle
  • Try waterskiing
  • Visit the world’s largest fast food restaurant
Image of Harry Potter themed bedroom

Day Stays Can Transport You to a New World

Imagine you are fighting “you know who” in a magical Harry Potter inspired room.  You could even sleep in the cupboard under the stairs!



Image of undersea bedroom
Meet Nemo and friends in his underwater world.  Imagine you are floating through the deep ocean as blue LEDs light the room around you.



Image of Star Wars themed room
Feel the force in a Star Wars® themed room, complete with ceiling blaster game!  Choose what colour you want your bedroom to be with the multi-colour LED lighting system.  Imagine yourself in a galaxy far, far away.




With so much to do in and around Florida, you will definitely need more than one Yes Day!  Take a look at our amazing inventory of “kid approved” rental villas and book your next family vacation.  Give our reservations team a call, or drop us an email.  We would love to help you plan your next adventure.