SeaWorld Florida

SeaWorld Orlando is a favorite place to visit for visitors and locals alike. It offers a mixture of live animal shows that feature the world’s most amazing creatures doing spectacular things! Thrill seekers love this park for its crazy fast coasters that will thrill even the most experienced coaster buff. Interactive animal exhibits that allow you to get up close and personal with a huge variety if animals.

Where else can you make friends with a penguin, pet a passing stingray, ride super fast roller coasters with many loop-to-loops and learn about ocean conservation all in the same day? SeaWorld Orlando, that’s where!

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Dolphin show Seaworld Orlando

Live Animal Shows

SeaWorld Orlando has a wide variety of LIVE shows featuring trained land and sea animals. These shows are crowd favorites, especially for small children; they tend to become mesmerized by the beauty and talents of our world’s animals. You will see shows featuring the Killer Whales during the day and even into the night during busier summer seasons. Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High live show will have your tummies hurting from laughing at their antics. Pets Ahoy is in indoor show featuring domesticated and wild animals trained to do the most amazing tricks and tasks. Blue Horizons is a theatrical water show featuring animals of the land and sky through the dreams of a young a girl. These shows all run several times throughout the day, so be sure to pick up a park map when you enter and get your day planned out. You won’t want to miss a thing!

Manta SeaWorld Orlando

Incredible coasters and rides

SeaWorld Orlando has really upped its game in the coaster department. The theme park added a super-fast coaster called, Mako, which takes riders on a thrashing and thrilling ride said to resemble a feeding frenzy of real live mako sharks – ride if you dare! There are two additional big coasters, Manta and Kraken; both will have your knees shaky from the excitement. Take a mysterious ride into a mountain and experience a tummy-turning drop into a beautiful lagoon on Journey to Atlantis. Antarctica takes you through the South Pole from the view of a penguin named Puck. Wild Arctic Ride takes you on a simulated helicopter ride to Base Station: Wild Arctic to see beluga whales and walruses. Kids will have a blast in Shamu’s Happy Harbor. Your little and big ones will have lots of wet and dry fun in this water filled play zone. See everything from the famous Sky Tower, SeaWorld’s spinning tower gives the rider spectacular 360 degree views of the Orlando area. Spend some relaxing time paddling around the lake in the beautiful swan boats.

Pacific Preserve Orlando

Interactive animal exhibits

Getting in touch with animals is at the heart of SeaWorld Orlando. There are so many unique exhibits featuring animals you’d expect at SeaWorld and even more that will surprise you. Pacific Point Preserve puts you on the California coast to see the comical sea lions try to out honk each other to get your attention; though it is likely they want you toss the fresh fish you have in your hands. Dolphin Cove and the Dolphin Nursery are crowd favorites because you can touch, feed and play with everyone’s favorite ocean animals. Turtle Trek takes you on an interesting 360 degree view of the life of a sea turtle and nearby you can see gentle giant rescued manatees in their rehabilitation tanks. It is really neat to watch them mosey about on their backs while eating their favorite lettuces. Enjoy many underwater viewing areas and walk through glass tunnels that make you feel like you are one with the fish. Pet stingrays and sharks, if you dare!

Sharks Dive Orlando

Animal interactions and Tours

SeaWorld Orlando also offers various specialized tours and individual animal encounters. Experience a hands on shark encounter or learn what it really takes to keep the park’s animals in perfect health. You can take guided tours and have VIP experiences that will have your day of superior fun capped off with stunning views in Shark’s Underwater Grill. You can get more details on these add-on SeaWorld Orlando experiences by reaching out to our Concierge Team.