LEGOLAND® Florida is located about an hour from Orlando Airport, and an easy 40 minutes from where your rental home will be located. This theme park is built for kids, ages 2-12, so you will not see any high speed coasters or other thrill rides. You will see LEGOS and things made from them. There are many different areas for kids and adults to play and interact with these famous toys. You will love each and every area and most of all, love the pure joy your kids will have on their faces. There is no shortage of things to do — with over 50 rides (most height requirements lowered to 34 inches tall), you will need a whole day to experience all the fun LEGOLAND® has to offer your family. Hours are flex based on season; please call our concierge for current park hours.

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The Beginning

A great place to start! Here at the entrance of LEGOLAND® Florida you will see the familiar and expected services: Guest Services, First Aid, Rental Lockers and Pet Kennels. The Island in the Sky is just off to the left of the entry by the beautiful lake. This spiraling tower rises and falls as it provides stunning 360 degree views of the surrounding area. Its air conditioned and a great place to relax and beat the heat. Stop by The Market for some fresh bites.


Fun Town

Aptly named for fun, this area of LEGOLAND® Florida offers a powerful punch of Florida fun and knowledge. Ride the Grand Carousel and learn how LEGOS are made on the Factory Tour. A new exhibit for the theme park is called the Fresh From Florida Greenhouse. This actual greenhouse structure contains many examples of locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You will be amazed how many of the foods you eat back home actually come from Florida. There are some tasty samples, so be sure to give some a try.


NEW: World of Chima

LEGOLAND® Florida has added a new section based on one of its original character series, The Legend Of Chima. This animal based series has charmed the minds of millions of young ones, so yours will be excited to visit, too. Join the tribes of animals as they band together to fight the power hungry Tiger Tribe on their very own water ride, The Quest for Chi. On this watery ride you travel along man-made rapids in a fighter ship armed with water cannons to attack, I mean soak unsuspecting passersby. You will get wet on this ride, so wear a poncho or bring a change of clothes.


Duplo Valley

This laid back area will take you down to the farm. You and your little ones will enjoy a Lego train ride around Duplo Valley and a special tractor tour of the Lego farm. All around the farm, there are interactive animal buttons that make animal sounds that kids just love! There is an indoor play farm with slides and lots of fun activities for all ages, but mostly those 2-12.


Land of Adventure

The Land of Adventure area is themed around Eqypt’s ancient pyramids. Here you can ride a family sized wooden coaster, Coastersarus, that is great for all ages and coaster beginners. There is a Lego safari called, Safari Trek, that takes you through a “jungle” filled with robotic animals that your little ones will swear are real – at least at first. Take a ride through a Lego pyramid on The Lost Adventure and get up close and personal with mummy friends and foes. Get lost in the Pharoah’s Maze or see how high you can fly on the Beetle Bounce. There are other carnival style games in this area as well.


LEGO Kingdoms

Go for a ride on a dragon, or the rustic looking wooden coaster, Merlin’s Challenge. Joust in a royal tournament in this fair kingdom, where your little knights and princesses rule! Outdoor fun continues at the Forestmen’s Hideout playground. Your kids will enjoy climbing the rope walls and bounding across the cargo net bridges to get around this play fortress.



Transportation is big in this city. Here your kids can learn to fly, drive and boat – all in LEGO vehicles. At the Boating School, your kids get to drive an actual LEGO boat through a for smaller children a parent can ride along. They get to drive real Lego cars at the Ford Driving School. There are cars intended for small kids ages 3-5 and another area for kids ages 6-13 to have fun on the appropriate tracks. You will enjoy a real life rescue at the Rescue Academy, where you aim water cannons at simulated targets to shoot the bad guy or put out that building fire. Don’t forget flying school! This kid friendly coaster is the icing on the cake in this planes-trains- and automobiles themed area. Lots of interactive fun to be had here!



This part of LEGOLAND® is all about the mini-replica of famous cities. You will see teeny-tiny versions of Las Vegas, London, New York, Washington, D.C. and even a miniature Kennedy Space Center. You will even see some tiny pyramids in Egypt! You will be amazed at the incredible details included in these small cities. Be sure to pack a fully charged back up charger, you will need it for all of these photo opportunities!


Imagination Zone

This place was built for kids but adults will love it, too! Design and build a robot at LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ . AT Warner Bros Game Zone kids play all the latest and greatest LEGO® video games in lots of interactive gaming areas. Kids Power Tower makes the riders use their own strength to make it to the top for a tummy turning drop back to the bottom. You can build just about anything you can imagine under this roof- a real crowd-pleaser.


LEGO Technic

Known as an extreme fun area of LEGOLAND® FLORIDA. There is the roller coaster, Project X, that will send you twisting and turning along a wild track. Shoot your water cannons at your opponents (or friends and family) at AquaZone® Water Racers. These boats look like they would be loads of fun! Lots of things for the little tots here too, like Technicycle and Technic Tot Spot. Some quick bite places are located here.


Pirates Cove

Ahoy, Mateys! Brickbeard’s Bounty has been found and is now safely guarded in Pirates’ Cove. You have to make it over to see Captain Brickbeard and his pirate gang in a water-ski live-action show at the Pirates Cove stadium. Water skis, jet skis, boats and more– you’ll have a blast watching this hilarious and amazing show!



There is no diving into your vacation home pool, but you can do cannonballs off the slides at LEGOLAND® Water Park! There are slides, rides, and lazy rivers for all ages to have fun in the sun. A large kiddie pool area will keep even the pickiest toddler occupied for hours. The building theme continues in this part of LEGOLAND®. You can build your own boat and then race it against other builders or build the biggest and best floating raft for the lazy river. There is no end to the fun here!