Orlando Rent A Villa is about to go Stratosphere!

Orlando Rent A Villa is launching new website!

People often ask what do I get in the management fee.  Well aside from a stellar team looking after your property, you get a management team that is focused on the whole picture. Not only are we responsible owners for making sure homes are well kept and owners informed, we also provide revenue to 90% of our owner base.

We have partnered with an industry leader in vacation home web design, Real Tech!  We are super excited about this new relationship and the rewards it will bring to Orlando Rent A Villa and all owners under management. Our ability to compete with Big Box Sites will improve exponentially with this partnership as the focus will be on direct to consumer bookings. Companies worldwide have relied on the marketing power of the giants like Airbnb and VRBO to gain traction with guests using those platforms. Orlando Rent A Villa is well-established as a quality vacation home provider so this is an obvious next step for us. We are very proud to share this investment in our mutual success!

Our customer service team, led by our Victoria Herrera, works tirelessly to ensure our guests are well-taken care of throughout their vacation experience.  Through these extra efforts we have already begun to see a bigger increase of previous guests book with us directly; this steady incline of guest satisfaction gives us the confidence to launch a better quality website with the support of a nationally recognized team of web and marketing masters.

Look for more updates as we get ready for launch! 42 days to target launch date!