Millions of people visit Orlando every year and thousands of those visitors have mobility issues. Many mobility impaired tourists bring their own conveyance, but for those that either can’t, or choose not to bring their own, there are a variety of options available around town.

The type of vehicle needs to be considered.  Does the person require an electric wheelchair, do they require a mobility scooter or is a pediatric chair needed?  The answer to that depends on the level of mobility the individual has.  Electric wheelchairs have either four or six wheels and can be operated by a joystick, whereas electric/mobility scooters have either three or four wheels and are operated by handlebars and a throttle.

Most of the parks offer wheelchair and scooter rental, but this is a more pricey option than renting from around town plus getting to the rental location, once you’ve parked your vehicle, can be quite a distance.  Off park rentals can be up to 50% cheaper than renting something at a park, plus you can reserve in advance, whereas the parks are rented on a first come first served basis and they have a very limited amount.  There are many rental locations to choose from, such as Scootaround, OMR or Cloud of Goods, to name but a few.  Some vacation rentals also come with facilities for wheelchair users: wider doorways, wider showers with seats or wheelchair friendly showers, ramps, grab bars in baths and by toilets and some have hoists for the pool.

If you have a specific mobility need or require information and help planning ahead, give our reservations team a call on 001-863-420-3332 and they’ll be more than happy to help.