If you are feeling that your current property management company might not be doing all they can to promote your villa and obtain rentals, then perhaps it is time to make the switch.

2020 has been a rough year for everyone and nowhere has felt it more than the tourism industry.  European rentals are all but non-existent, however American travelers are still coming to Florida for sunshine and relaxation.  Tourists are preferring the safer option of a private rental villa.

Here at Orlando Rent A Villa we take pride in looking after our owners.  Our Reservations Team have been actively sourcing internal rentals and encouraging visitors from the north of America to come south and enjoy the year round warmth that only Florida can offer.

“To make it work you need to prepare a team for working together for the success of the bussiness and have pride of ownership. We interview a lot of property management companies and the meeting with Lloyd was very natural, professional and had a very good and honest vibe. We choose them hopping the best. We met Rebecca next day as our contact person, and she guide us into the process to initiate listing it. They made us some suggestions for improving it and a list of “must do” to fullfill renters satisfaction. So we started with a little budget, and they started right away with the renovations, they finish it in very few days and the change was surprising amazing. We were so happy about it, that we are now looking forward to address a new budget into our next renovation improvement and add more properties to our portfolio and work with them. They were very accurate and address the issues prontly always thinking the best for the renters and for the bussiness. All the time we were in contact with fast response an even emails response out of bussiness hours. Lloyd, Rebecca and their crew are amazing professionals! Their world class resources create a vacation rental experience that visitors will always treasure. We found on them so far and excellent property management, excellent service, fast reponse, great ideas, excellent costumer service, integrity and professionalism that we are gladly to call them our allies in our bussiness. We highly invite you to allow “Orlando Rent A Villa” be your Central Florida destination contact for vacations and property management. As we are going to do so.”

During quarantine we took a proactive approach and used the down-time to inspect all our houses, perform deep cleans, update inventories and carry out any major changes and updates.  In our experience, a few simple alterations to décor, some plump, bright cushions, new bedding and other small, inexpensive changes, can make all the difference in making your villa stand out from the crowd.  Click here find out more about our Covid safety procedures.

At Orlando Rent A Villa we make your villa our priority.  Browse our website or give us a call with any questions you may have.  Now is the time to make the switch.  Sign up between now and 31st December and receive January through June free for 2021.