The greatest space adventure on Earth begins here!

Your out of this world journey begins the moment you arrive at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, located about an hour east of Orlando,on Florida’s space coast. You and your family will be nose to nose with the famous Space Shuttle Atlantis, the NASA workhorse for over 2 decades. Space Shuttle Atlantis is the only space shuttle in the world to be displayed with it’s payload doors open so you will get to see inside from the viewing gallery, complete with a full-size replica of the Hubble telescope.  Practice your shuttle commander skills in the shuttle simulator where you can practice landing and simulate docking with the International Space Station.
Once you have completed your training, you’ll be ready for the Shuttle Launch Experience.  Climb aboard this launch simulator and feel the rumble as you take the ride of a lifetime.  You’ll experience a vertical launch and reach simulated speeds of 17,500 miles an hour to get into Earth’s orbit.  It is an awesome experience that you will not soon forget and can only find here in Florida.
There is no better way to see Kennedy Space Center than with their bus tours. Experience a walk under the world’s largest rocket, Apollo /Saturn V, which carried 12 astronauts to the moon, including Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.  See and touch a moon rock brought back by these astronauts.  KSC has some of the largest movie screens in the world and feature twin IMAX theaters.  Leave Earth without leaving your seat while watching the 5 story 3D cinematic experience of space that was shot by astronauts.  Explore space history and future space exploration in the many exhibits and shows located around the complex.


  • Space Shuttle Atlantis®
  • Shuttle Launch Experience®
  • Heroes and Legends featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame® presented by Boeing®
  • Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour including Apollo/Saturn V Center
  • Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted
  • Astronaut Encounter
  • IMAX® Theater 3D Films
  • Rocket Launch Viewing (when available)
  • Numerous Shows and Exhibits

Experience More Space

Get more from your Orlando vacation by adding one of a kind enhancements to your Kennedy Space Center visit.  You can add lunch with an astronaut or even fly with an astronaut.

Dine with an Astronaut: Enjoy a chef-prepared buffet lunch and meet a NASA astronaut. Imagine hearing about life in space from someone who has been there firsthand! You’ll enjoy a personal presentation by a veteran astronaut and an open question and answer session.

Fly with an Astronaut: Spend a half-day experiencing the highlights of the Visitor Complex with a veteran NASA astronaut. This program includes daily admission to the Visitor Complex.

Map of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Suggested day trip from your Orlando area vacation home:

Family with Children Under 10 Years of Age

  • Space Shuttle Atlantis® with Shuttle Launch Experience® – 2 hour
  • Heroes & Legends featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame® presented by Boeing® – 1 hour
  • Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour including Apollo/Saturn V Center – 2 hours
  • Journey To Mars: Explorers Wanted – 30 minutes
  • Children’s Playdome for Junior Astronauts – 30 minutes
  • Dining and shopping – 1 hour

Family with Children Over 10 Years of Age

  • Heroes & Legends featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame presented by Boeing – 1 hour
  • Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour including Apollo/Saturn V Center – 2 hours
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis with Shuttle Launch Experience – 2 hours
  • Dine With An Astronaut Add-on Enhancement – 90 minutes
  • Alternative: Dining and shopping – 1 hour
  • Journey To Mars: Explorers Wanted – 30 minutes
  • Cosmic Quest Add-on Enhancement – 1 hour
  • Alternative: IMAX® Theater 3D Space Film – 1 hour

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