2020 has probably been the most disappointing and damaging year that many of us have ever known!

The Coronavirus has affected everyone, but particularly the travel industry.  Flights have been cancelled and airlines have been bankrupted, hotels and villas have suffered and have had to find new ways to make vacationing possible and safe.  Private vacation rentals remain the safest way to protect your family and have a fabulous vacation.

Florida has been extremely hard hit but has roared back to life with changes everywhere.  International travel is not possible at the moment, but for those who can visit, see below for a few tips.


The Parks

The theme parks are all open, so you can enjoy all your favorite rides at Walt Disney World®, Universal Studios Orlando® and SeaWorld Orlando®. The operating hours are a bit shorter than we are all used to but with the limited capacity, you are able to see more in a shorter period of time.

Here are some of the newly implemented rules and procedures you should expect when you visit:

  • Masks must be worn in order to enter.
  • Temperature is taken before entry.
  • Social distancing has been implemented in wait lines, restaurants and merchandise stores.
  • Rides are wiped down with sanitizer between occupants.
  • Reduced occupancy across all parks.
  • Some live shows the actors are in masks, at other parks, live shows are cancelled.
  • No nightly firework shows.
  • Nightlife/Things To Do 

    All kitchens in our vacation rentals are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each guest.  Having groceries delivered and preparing meals at home is the safest option, but restaurants are open and operating social distancing on a reduced occupancy basis.  Most restaurants offer a limited menu. Masks are required to enter a restaurant, but once seated, they can be dispensed with. Masks are required for bathroom visits.

    The majority of bars/clubs are closed at the moment. Take-outs remain open for business as usual although some delivery services are affected. Uber/Lyft are running.  All drivers wear masks.  Whether you wear one is at their discretion. Escape rooms are operating.  Masks must be worn.  Social distancing observed and some of the higher touch elements have been modified.  Games are sanitized between groups.

    ICON Park, including Orlando Eye, Sealife Center, Madam Tussauds & StarFlyer are open.  Park hours are from 10am-2am daily. The Wheel will be operating Sun-Thur from 1-9pm and Fri-Sat from 1-10pm.  Complimentary upgrades to private capsules for all parties.  Air conditioning system draws in fresh air during your ride.  Every capsule is cleaned between each party.  Other restaurants and vendors hours may vary.

    Some dinner shows are open including Pirates, Sleuths, Capone’s and Medieval Times.  However, Treasure Tavern (now known as Teatro Martini) and Mangos Dinner Show are not.  Temperatures will be taken, masks must be worn (except when eating) and social distancing to be observed.


    All beaches on both of Florida’s beautiful coastlines are open.  Social distancing must be observed but masks do not have to be worn whilst on the beach or in the water.  Where available, loungers/umbrellas can be rented, but there are less due to social distancing.

    The Ocala National Forest has over 27 beautiful parks with kayaking, camping, swimming and recreational facilities.  However, not all are open at the moment.  Various risks cause the temporary closure of individual parks; such as fire risk, bears and of course Covid-19.  Call the Forestry Commission on 352-625-2520 to check before you travel. Children’s play parks remain closed.  However, dog parks are open.


    Golf courses are open and there are plenty to choose from surrounding our vacation rentals.  Separate golf carts must be used.  Masks do not have to be worn, except when entering/moving around the clubhouse or pro shop.

    If you require further information before you travel, or before you book any excursions for your family, please give our team a call.  They are more than happy to answer any questions. 001-863-420-3332.