If you’re tired of getting nowhere fast with your current rental villa management situation, then it’s time to think about switching.  Changing management companies in Florida is now easier than ever!

Simply email or call direct** to our “New Management Contract Department” and we will take it from there.  In order to legally manage your villa, we are required to hold a signed contract . However, we only stipulate a 30-day contractual period.  If, for some reason, you decide to cancel the agreement you are free to leave after the 30 days. Other management companies hold owners to 6-months or sometimes even a year.

We offer six months FREE rental villa management to all new owners and assign a dedicated customer liaison member to them to ensure a smooth transition and to help them in any way they need.

We encourage our rental villa owners to install Point Central as their keyless entry system.  This system has extensive advantages and features:-

  • Owners/guests don’t have to worry about keys or the lack of security that comes with a key system
  • No more sending staff out to properties for unnecessary reasons
  • An energy saving facility where A/C temperature can be controlled from our offices
  • Pool/spa heat can be remotely controlled
  • In fact, anything that is Wi-Fi based can be remotely controlled
  • Automatically locks front door every night
  • We can monitor who enters the property and for how long
  • Each member of staff has their own code
  • New codes are automatically generated for every guest
  • Ultimately this means COST SAVINGS to you the owner

So, don’t waste any more time feeling unhappy.  Give our team a call and find out why Eagle Management are better than the rest.