SeaWorld's Infinity Falls
Sea World’s Infinity Falls now open so get on your family raft and prepare to get soaked while reaching maximum excitement on Infinity Falls, only at SeaWorld Orlando. You’ll find yourself winding around flowing fountains, surprise geysers and breathtaking waterfalls as you explore tropical ruins with your fellow raft-mates.  Hang on tight as roaring world-class rapids send you flying through thrilling chutes and splashing turns before you plummet down the tallest drop of its kind into the whipping whitewater. With the Florida heat, you’ll be dry in no time or take advantage of the family-sized dryers for a small fee and dry off almost immediately.  Orlando Rent A Villa has the perfect place for your family to stay while enjoying  all these Orlando attractions.  Check out our vast vacation rental inventory of private pool homes, condos and townhomes. For any assistance you may need, please drop us a line.