Staycation in Style

Guests prefer to book a rental villa for their staycation.  The days of a small, boring hotel room are numbered.  The world has changed.  Covid-19 has altered everything, from the way we greet each other, to the way we vacation.  Large families require two or more rooms in a hotel, hopefully on the same floor, but sometimes not.  Two families vacationing together can stack up quite a bill with separate rooms, resort fees and kids billing too much to the hotel room.   Instead of booking expensive flights and cheaper rooms, drive. Save on travel expenses and invest that money into more superior accommodation.


Why a Rental Villa?

Large vacation rental villas are the way to go.  A villa with 5 or more bedrooms is likely to have an abundance of extra features, such as a games room, arcade, movie room, pool and/or hot tub.  Plus, you can shop for the family as you would when at home.  Stock the pantry with their favourites, cook meals indoors or BBQ al fresco style.  No more having to dine out every night.  Book a large home on a resort community and you will never hear “I’M BORED!”  A resort community can have communal pool, water slides, public movie theatre, fitness center, tennis courts, basketball courts, play areas, arcade, games room, restaurant, bar and more.


Stay Safe

On a practical basis, a rental villa is a far safer way of taking the family on vacation.  After our team have cleaned, washed and sanitized the home, the next person to touch it will be you and your family.  We provide extra cleaning materials and sanitizer so you can stay safe while you enjoy your holiday.  No busy lobbies, unsanitary elevators or cloudy swimming pools.

Working from home, school studies online; our days of being stuck in the house seem endless.  Book a staycation in an Orlando rental villa and everyone will feel like they have more space.  Not only that there are more ways to relax once work is done and better ways to burn off pent up energy.

Check out our selection of rental villas and book your staycation now.