Our Homecare team includes our property managers, contractors, and maintenance team. We have carefully chosen the very best, professional staff around to keep our homes in tip-top shape for our owners and guests. We are a proactive company that believes in maintaining the home to prevent unnecessary repairs, so we have regularly scheduled maintenance on AC, refrigerators, and pool equipment to make sure they are clean and operating properly. For safety, we recertify fire extinguishers and change batteries in smoke detectors on an annual basis as required by regulations. We know that you and your home will benefit from joining our team of caring and attentive professionals.

Twice a year, a full inventory is completed to make sure the proper items are placed in the home and the home is as advertised on the web. This process includes an evaluation of furnishings, décor and linens. A report is sent to the home owner for review and approval prior to any upgrades being done.

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