For those of us that have a furry family member, traveling pet friendly requires plenty of forward planning.  There are many places that simply won’t allow dogs in rentals.  That is not the case with Orlando Rent A Villa.  We have a variety of houses that will take pets.

Traveling with Your Pet

Image of dog in packed car
You’ve packed and triple checked the car.  Everyone and everything you may need is stowed safely and there’s a comfy patch in the corner for man’s best friend.  Depending on the length of your journey will decree what you need to pack to ensure everyone, including Fido, is catered for.  Dogs, like small children, require pit stops to stretch their legs and answer nature’s call.  Plus, they will require water and possibly food.  So, it’s always a good idea to have some small Ziploc bags with meals portioned out.  Rest stops along the freeways have facilities for humans and most have a walking trail with poop bags and bins, so Fido can be exercised responsibly.


Pet Friendly Rentals

It’s always a good idea to take Fido for a walk prior to allowing them into your rental villa.  This allows any excess energy to be expended and avoids unnecessary accidents!  It’s OK to allow your pet to wander round the house having a good sniff.  We understand.  It’s a new environment and there will be lots to check out.  We do ask that pets not be allowed on the sofas or the beds.  Hair gets trapped in the fabric and this could be an issue for other guests.

If Fido likes a swim, bring a ‘pop-sock’ or a pair of pantyhose and place them over the skimmer basket.  This will collect hair and prevent the pool filter from clogging up and potentially breaking.  The majority of houses in Florida do not have fenced yards.  Please be considerate and do not allow your pet to wander onto next door’s lawn.  Please ensure that all poop is bagged up and disposed of and not left on the grass.


Facilities for Pets

Some dogs are happy to be left at home while their owners are out and about.  Others get scared and cannot be left alone.  Bear in mind that the villa is a new environment and what works at home may not work there.  Thankfully there are plenty of kennels around that will take dogs on a day to day basis.  Universal Orlando® has a day-care kennel and will take dogs and cats only.  Walt Disney World® has Best Friends Pet Hotel.  They take dogs, cats and ‘pocket pets’ and can provide baths, grooming, training and other services.  There are also quite a few local, privately owned kennel services as well as pet-sitters/walkers.  Be sure to check individual websites for opening hours, vaccine requirements and pricing.  There are plenty of dog parks to walk your pet off-leash, as well as Lake Louisa State Park for longer on-leash walks.  There are clearly marked trails and even an area where pets can swim.
Image of Disney's Best Friends dog care

Pet Pricing

Whilst pets are permitted in houses that are marked pet friendly Image of paw print (click link and use filter to sort by pet-friendly), there are still fees associated with accommodating them.  These fees are for a deeper clean in order to remove hair/dander.  We also have a limit of two pets per property.  See prices marked on individual villas for further details.  If you are unsure whether a particular villa is pet friendly or not, please drop our Reservations Team a line and they will gladly assist.