Orlando Rent A Villa Partners with Streamline Vacation Rental Software!

The advances in mobile technology and widespread wi-fi access has changed the way people shop for travel. We recognized this trend early on and knew our beloved operations program would not keep up. In early 2015, our development team set out on a mission to find the best long term solution to our company’s need to stay ahead of the competition in the Orlando rental home market. We hit the road attending industry conventions and shows across North America and Europe testing software to find the best fit.

As you can imagine, the choices are infinite and promises are plentiful from sales reps, so narrowing down top contenders was no easy task. We required multi-department managing, reservation and revenue management, as well as guest and owner informational portals and apps. We had to have a fast and responsive site to keep pace with the online and mobile shopper. We needed easy to use with comprehensive reporting to keep our owners and guests informed– and more. It turned out to be quite the list of demands to bring our operational software all together; a few companies had most of what we wanted or needed, but not a complete package. The struggle was real…until Xtravaganza 2015!


That’s When Magic Happened!

We happened by a vendor that we had not seen previously, Streamline Vacation Rental Software. They had a fresh looking presentation with super fast websites, property management operations and accounting abilities, just like everyone else. The difference? Streamline’s owners and programmers are active operators of multiple site vacation rentals –not a software company trying to get into vacation rentals. That was new! We immediately had communication with their CEO to reiterate that they wanted to hear what they could do better. He invited us to their annual conference to discuss how they could be the PERFECT fit for our Orlando travel market. Exciting!


To the Summit!

Streamline hosted their annual conference, “Streamline Summit”. Over 3 days in October, we braved 100 degree temps in Phoenix to dive deeper into each module of this supposed-super-software. We were impressed! What we learned was even more impressive than expected. Not only is this the most comprehensive software out there for today, it is capable of growing and changing with future trends. The ability to integrate with multiple software platforms that make our business run smoothly like door locks, payment processing and multi-stream lead management are huge benefits. We were sold and left with much work to do!


Ready! Set! Action!

Changing software is no easy feat, but with the tireless help of our new partner, we made it. After 6 months of sometimes painful preparation, we went LIVE with our new software. Today, we are fast and responsive! We can manage all aspects of our business under one login. Our response time for inquiries is immediate and its comprehensive! Pop over and take a look at all that’s new with your best choice for Orlando vacation rentals– Orlando Rent A Villa.