Strong Partner for our Home Owners

In recent years, there have been more than a few foreclosed vacation homes go on the market.  We used to hear from property buyers that they did not want to be involved in any major renovations — too much stress!  They would make concessions in location or size, just to avoid the aggravation of a remodel situation.  That all changed when a brave buyer felt location really mattered most!

Formerly Foreclosed and Forgotten…



Before placing their bid, the buyers asked their agent if they knew of a property management company that could handle such an undertaking.   Orlando Rent A Villa is one of a handful of area property managers that has the staffing and relationships with quality contractors to take on such a task.  Our reputation is well-known among Orlando area Realtors, so we were top of their very short list.  After winning the bid on this Kissimmee home, the buyers and our owner liaison, Jen went to work on a plan for making this down-trodden home into a beautiful holiday home.



There was much to be done and with only a 6 week timeline before busy season was upon us, so immediately the demolition began.  Our contractor removed the worn out and stained carpet and padding and in it’s place laid large white marbleized tiles that instantly added class to the home.  Next came the paint to brighten the walls and give the home a fresh appearance  Contemporary furnishings and light fixtures were chosen to compliment the owners sense of style.  The finished product is a beautifully appointed vacation home that guests from all over the world will enjoy.


Pretty as a Picture

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