For anyone thinking of booking a vacation early in 2020, you might want to hold off a few months, especially if you enjoy white knuckle, scream your head off rides that leave you breathless, hysterical with laughter, heart pounding and queuing up for another go.

ICON Orlando®, home of the Orlando Eye® and the Orlando Starflyer® are bringing two new attractions to International Drive.  The Orlando Slingshot® and the Orlando Gyro Drop Tower® are under construction and predicted to open Spring of 2020.

The Orlando Slingshot® will be the tallest in the world and will stand at 300ft and propel passengers up to 450ft in the air, whilst the Orlando Gyro Drop Tower®, also stated to be the tallest in the world, will stand at 450ft and send riders plummeting toward the ground at an incredible 75mph.

Make the most of your time away from the parks and see Orlando from a different perspective.

Editor’s Note:  The Orlando Eye® is not the tallest in the world.  The London Eye® is 43ft taller!