Florida Tropical Weather is Unpredictable

New York State, USA — Rain and storm winds blowing trees — Image by © REB Images/Blend Images/Corbis
Smart travelers buy travel insurance.  It’s that simple.  Whether it is a cheap weekend close to home or an extravagant trip abroad, travel insurance is very affordable – less than 7% of your reservation total.  So many of our guests at Orlando Rent A Villa feel this is an unnecessary expense and waive the coverage.  At least a handful of travelers a year miss out on their vacation.  To add to their pain, most times the monies paid in for the vacation are non-refundable. This is easy to avoid!


Don’t be a bad statistic

Add CSA travel insurance to your booking before its too late.  Orlando Rent A Villa allows you to add travel insurance at anytime from the date your booking is made until the final payment is made or 42 days prior to your arrival date.  If you are booking within 42 days, you must select travel insurance at the time of booking in order to receive coverage.

Villa in Orlando cost= $2100   CSA Travel Insurance = $147 total cost for your peace of mind

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