At the current time, there is a forecast for a strong hurricane to impact South Florida this weekend and early next week. While we are not forecast to get hurricane force winds in Central Florida, we will see lots of rain and some tropical force winds while the storm passes by us.

Head to Central Florida for safety!

Since we are inland, we will be a safe place to get away from the coastal areas of south Florida.  We are expecting quite a few evacuees this weekend and will have plenty of staff on hand to assist our guests as needed.  You can stay tuned to our site for updates on Hurricane Irma’s path.

Orlando Rent A Villa staff will be coming around to help prepare the home for the predicted storm. Please review following suggested items to help us to secure your rental home and to limit damage to it and your neighbors.

1)  Remove any decorative items from outside your rental home that are not strongly secured to the building. Including any potted plants, bird baths, for sale signs or other items.

2) Store any trash receptacles in a garage or secure location, as high winds are forecast. Valet trash service will also likely be effected so consider get rid of all trash prior to the storm. Please do NOT place any bulk trash at the curb.

3) Store or secure any patio furniture to prevent it from blowing or falling, creating a hazard.  Please remember to address the pool net and brush that may be on the pool deck.  The pool fence, if any, should be taken down to avoid them becoming airborne.

4) Check your property for any downed branches or debris that could become airborne, creating a hazard.

In addition, please make sure you and your family are ready for the storm. General items to have on hand include:

1) Weather radios

2) Extra batteries

3) Fully charged cell phones

4) Full tank of gas in your car

5) Water and food for all members of your household (including infant formula/diapers and pet food)

6) Prescription medications


Please be safe!  For more information please drop our team a line.