Try your hand at a Hang Gliding adventure in Orlando.  Soar through the skies and enjoy a 15 minute flight with Wallaby Ranch in Davenport, Florida.  The air field is located just off the US-27 at the intersection of Deen Still and Ronald Reagan Parkway, so is only 5-10 minutes from most of our vacation rental homes.


Is Hang Gliding For You?

Anyone from 4 – 90 years old can enjoy this amazing tandem flight (restrictions do apply, see their website).  This is the First Fulltime Aerotow Hang Gliding Flight Park in the World! Open seven days a week since 1991.  You will be towed by a small plane, approximately 2000ft up into the air.  Your instructor will teach you how to control the glider, then it’s over to you!  Swoop, glide and turn until you return gently to the ground.

With no hills, from which to launch in Florida, towing the hang-glider up into the air is the solution.  The best conditions for tandem flying are smooth air and calm winds, generally in the morning or late in the afternoon. Flying begins everyday at 8:00 a.m., weather permitting.

This time of year is perfect for your vacation in Florida.  Pleasant temperatures, little to no humidity and better still, no thunderstorms!  Clear blue skies await you, so don’t wait.  Book now!

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