Possibly the best time of year to visit Orlando is the fall season. With Halloween round the corner everywhere is gearing up to showcase their very best





Halloween Horror Nights 28 runs from September 14th through November 3rd and this year they have a few new tricks up their sleeve. The world’s most notorious murderer is back to chill and thrill in his own house of horror. Halloween 4 the Return of Michael Myers will have you screaming and jumping out of your skin as he appears like a wraith in front of you with his carving knife dripping with blood.






Stranger-Things-at-Universal-Orlandos-Halloween-Horror-Nights-1440×900 Experience the suspense and frights from Season 1 in a harrowing maze. A fully immersive experience into the “Stranger Things” world, which has recreated some of the show’s most iconic scenes, 80’s settings, and most loved characters. Whether you like it or not you’ll get to experience the mysterious world of Upside Down and watch out because you’re being hunted …. by the Demogorgon.

Halloween Horror Nights at florida




They’re heee-rrrre! Restless spirits and vengeful ghosts have overrun the haunted house. Whose idea was it to build houses on top of a cemetery anyway? Try not to lose yourself as you make your way out of the darkness into the light ….. but be careful. In a place between life and death – don’t get lost in the light!

Poltergeist at Florida

This year’s event is going to be intense with more haunted houses than ever, terrifying scare zones and a powerhouse show. Make sure you don’t miss out on the terrifying fun and book your tickets now. Remember there are various ticketing options including the Frequent Fear passes for those who just don’t learn!


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