After 20 years of the fabulous nightly IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth® firework display, Epcot® has introduced a brand new, spectacular, pyrotechnic show.

Epcot Forever® made its debut 1st October 2019 and was met with appreciative ooh’s and aah’s and ending with rapturous applause from it’s first audience.

The show utilizes multiple special effects including lasers, brand new pyrotechnics, fire-trail kites – yes, kites! – and a selection of old and new music that is sure to invoke a variety of emotions across the generations watching. Depending on which vacation villa you stay in, you may be able to hear or, in fact, see the nightly fireworks at the various Walt Disney World® parks.  Plus, there is nothing nicer than driving back to your holiday home with explosions of color in the night sky.

There are six kites in use which change color to the music, as they fly through the sky over the water.  The kites make two appearances and during their second appearance trail fireworks through the Florida sky in their wake. Walt Disney World® refer to them as “kite trains”. To give meaning and direction as to the “future of Epcot®”, the entire show is narrated by children, invoking a playful innocence that is the heart of Walt Disney World®.

Epcot Forever® is a bit misleading for visitors to Orlando, as the show is only intended to run for a “limited time” until “HarmonioUS“, Disney’s® next night-time spectacular takes over some time in 2020.

Whether you get to see “Epcot Forever®” or “HarmonioUS”, you certainly won’t be disappointed.  Each show is approximately 15 minutes long with a heart pounding, earth rumbling truly amazing finale of lights, lasers, fireworks, music and kites!