The world famous EPCOT® International Food & Wine Festival 2021** is underway in Orlando and will run until 20th November.  Treat yourself to a taste tour of some truly authentic and appetizing cuisine and beverages from countries around the world.  Delight in the sights and sounds from far away, as you wander round the EPCOT® World Showcase lake.  Be delighted as day turns to night and the twinkling lights highlighting each iconic building spark to life.  Your children will be amazed as they experience a slice of life in from a different country.

The Food

Whether you savour lamb chops from Australia, waffles from Belgium, pork belly from Brazil, dumplings from China, “hearty plant based” fare from Impossible™, curry from India, sausage and mash from Ireland, ravioli from Italy, spanakopita from Greece, Croissants with Escargots from France or simply some traditional mac n cheese from good old America.  At EPCOT® International Food  & Wine Festival, you’ll find something to tantalize everybody’s taste buds.

Book a Rental Villa

If you haven’t booked your family vacation as yet, why not try a vacation to more than one country at once?  Stay in a fabulous vacation rental, close to Walt Disney World®, and you and the crew can experience a cultural explosion all in one holiday!  Take a look at our inventory of rental villas and choose one that is perfect for your family.  Don’t forget, if you need any help or advice, our experience reservations team will be happy to help.  Just contact ®.

**  Valid Admission and Park Reservation for Same Park on Same Date Required.  Food and beverage offerings require a separate purchase.  Alcohol will only be served to Guests 21 and older