Thanksgiving is almost upon us, so get ready to sharpen those elbows and wear running shoes so you don’t miss out on those Black Friday deals.


Black Friday crush


Black Friday Bargain Hunters

Many people spend all year waiting for the Black Friday deals and have their day planned out with military precision.  “The early bird catches the worm” and this is true of the deals.  Rise early and get in line before the stores open.  This is the plan for many determined shoppers who get in line in the wee hours of the morning.

However, if the image above fills you with horror, and believe me it really gets like this, then perhaps online deals are more for you?


Orlando: Perfect for Shopping

Where better than Orlando for fabulous shopping?  All the shops are gearing up for the frenzied onslaught of sharp eyed bargain hunters.  After Covid, high street shops are desperate for shoppers to return and spend money.  As a result, this year there will be bargains aplenty to be found.  From high-end Mall of Millenia through to the various outlet stores, great deals and reduced prices are sure to lure shoppers and holiday-goers alike.


Take time out from visiting the parks to ensure you visit the stores and snag that bargain.  For rental villas that are always priced for value, take a look at our inventory of rental villas and book your Thanksgiving villa now.  If you need any help or suggestions, get in touch with our Reservations Department who will be happy to help.