If you don’t have a big family, don’t have children, don’t want to bring them with you or they’ve already flown the nest, booking a vacation to Florida for two can feel like you’re limited to a hotel room.  However, renting a condo, town-home or small villa is a perfectly viable option.

Rental villas come in all shapes and sizes.  From 2 bedroom condos, right the way up to 14 bedroom mansions with living rooms you could land a plane in!  We have everything to suit everyone and every budget.

2020 has thrown challenges at everyone but, despite all the hardships, new businesses have found new ways of doing things and better ways of looking at problems have arisen.  Resorts with communal facilities are making every effort to ensure their pool water is crystal clear, their sunbathing decks pristine and their pool furniture wiped down between each guest.  Anywhere guests are likely to congregate; social distancing, masks and other safety measures are in place to ensure guests feel safe and trust their environment.

Take a look at our range of smaller rentals to see what’s on offer.  For any help or advice, drop our Reservations Team a line.