Walt Disney’s Wide World of Sports®, Florida will be hosting a variety of Cheerleading/Dance competitions this year.  The closest event is coming up 23-25th April 2021.  All ages compete and teams will be travelling from all over the country.  The most prestigious event is The Summit Championship, which will include teams from countries around the world.  All hoping to become Champion.
Cheerleading team


Image of Top Gun cheerleading team

Whatever age level of competition you are entering, if you have to travel, you will require accommodation for cheerleading teams, parents and coaches.  We have some amazing villas that are next door to each other or back to back.  This type of villa works perfectly for teams traveling together.  There are TV’s in all bedrooms, private pools and games rooms.  Plus, on-site facilities to not only keep everyone amused, but to keep up the training as well.  Our villas are only 20 minutes from the Walt Disney® sports complex and moments from shops, restaurants and stores.


Book the safe option of a vacation rental, not a populated, unsanitary hotel.  With a hotel you are limited to just your room for privacy.  In a vacation home you can relax anywhere you like and only share the space with the people you are vacationing with.


Take a look at our inventory of homes and see what suits your team best.  If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.