Orlando Rent A Villa is proud to show off our beautiful and spacious Davenport office.

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Our field and office teams work very hard for our owners and guests, so having a bright and comfortable space is very much appreciated.   The open floor plan means that we are able to communicate personally rather than via email or messengers.  Our reservations, homecare, accounts, maintenance, customer service and executive teams are all under one roof, which is very beneficial to our business.

Orlando Rent A Villa’s conference room is quite large and ready for team meetings and virtual ones as well.  We have a large storage area so we are able to be stocked with common household inventory and maintenance items, saving us valuable time as it is no longer necessary to visit the shops daily.  Our commercial washer and dryer make life much easier in instances where there is a problem with the laundry facilities in a home that could prevent a clean from being completed on time.

Since our office was formally a bank, we have plenty of parking on the side for our vehicle fleet and visiting owners or guests.  Next time you are in Davenport, stop in for answers to all your questions regarding vacation home ownership or renting your own Orlando vacation home.  We would be happy to meet you!