Aladdin Live Action Film 2019


**Spoiler Alert**

“You ain’t never had a friend like me!” ~ Genie

Disney has done it again. Their much loved 1992 film Aladdin has been remade into a live action version, full of delightful twists. Like many of their live action remakes, Disney gives a deeper look into the characters stories. By now, you may have noticed Disney doesn’t shy away from having motherless characters. The live action remakes have however been giving us a bit more explanation on what has happen to our beloved princesses’ mothers. Seen last with Belle in the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. Aladdin is no different. We learn more of what happen to Jasmine’s mother, and her heritage. We also see the evolution of the Princess into true womanhood.

“I won’t be silenced you can’t keep me quiet won’t tremble when you try it all I know is I won’t go speechless.”

Song by Naomi Scott the new face of Jasmine “Speechless” screams woman empowerment! Princess Jasmine, the only child of The Sultan, is restricted from becoming the next ruler of her kingdom because of her gender. It it law that she must marry a Prince. The fact that this Prince would then become Sultan over her is problematic for Jasmine. She believes there is no one more fitting to lead the people of her Kingdom than her. Jasmine’s behavior throughout the film is very bold. She defies the rules every chance she gets which is shown in the new song addition speechless. Ultimately breaking tradition, Jasmine proves she is more than a beautiful face, and becomes Sultan. This unlike like the 92 version in which her father changes the rules so she can marry Aladdin, and in return he becomes Sultan.

Another surprising twist is Genie gets a love story. Will Smith reprises the role of the not so blue Genie with a big bang! He brings back the comedic kindhearted genie but with a romantic wiser touch. The film begins with him telling the story of Aladdin and Jasmine to his two children. Needless to say, Aladdin isn’t the only one who finds love behind the palace doors.

Critically claimed a masterpiece, the 92 version of Aladdin also received backlash for its harmful racists depictions of the Arab Culture. The all white cast lacked the authenticity the film needed. This changed in the new remake. The three main stars of the movie are of Egyptian, South Asian, and African American descent. Although the film still faced numerous complaints regarding race, the cast is much more diverse in every aspect of the film.

So bottom line, is the movie worth going to see? Well my answer is absolutely yes! Fair warning; if you go into the movie comparing it with the original film, you may very well be disappointed. Come on… Aladdin can arguably be consider the greatest Disney movie of all times. If you however go into the movie with a fresh pair of eyes, you will then find that you have found a very good film full of adventure. Either way it’s worth a watch!