So you’ve booked your trip to Florida and you’re super excited, but what can you expect? Summer 2018 126.1 million visitors traveled to Florida and 75 million of them came to Orlando.

Florida sign

Everyone knows Florida by the sunshine state, but what they may not know is it’s also rainy season. Yes you heard that right you can expect some showers. Now, don’t go out and buy yourself full blown rain gear. The rain doesn’t last long, but it’s pretty consistent. June 1st marks the first day of hurricane season and if Florida hasn’t had anything recently, we’ve had our share of hurricanes and tropical storms over the last couple decades. So do be prepared. Make sure you keep a small umbrella or poncho because buying them at the parks can get pretty pricey.

The sun will eat you alive if you don’t prepare. Make sure you pack enough sunscreen lotion and don’t forget to reapply frequently. Also, keep a water bottle handy. A bottle of water will cost upwards $4.00 at the parks. You can seriously buy a entire case of water for $4.00…so save your coins. There are plenty of places you can stop and refill your bottle, but if you do forget it Starbucks will give you a FREE, yes FREE, large water, and trust me its so yummy.

There are sharks in the water. Florida’s Volusia County had the most shark attacks with 4 attacks representing 25 percent of the Florida total. So here’s what you need to know: Do not wander too far from the shore. Stay in groups since sharks are more likely to attack solitary individuals. Avoid the water once its dark. Lastly, avoid the water if there have been sharks reports. All sharks are dangerous and unpredictable. If you find yourself near a shark do your very best to get away from it.

Hurricane Season is no joke. If you find yourself here when one is headed our way stay safe. Make sure you know where your local shelter is. If you do choose to stay in your vacation home get all the necessary supplies. Water, flashlights, batteries, solar energy equipment, candles and non perishable foods. Florida has been know to have severe power outages during a big storm. I know its hard, but don’t panic. Normally the storms aren’t too bad just a lot of strong winds. Stay inside and away from windows.

Florida is an amazing place to visit, and with these tips you will feel better about your stay.  If you have any questions or need advice, please do get in touch.